Green Tea
Green tea is picked then steamed to neutralize active enzymes. After steaming, the leaf is withered then steamed again or pan fried. Green tea is well known for antioxidants and healing properties. Many Green teas are naturally caffeinated.
Name of Tea
(O) Organic (D) Decaf
Description Price for
1/4 lb.
 Bamboo Sprout (O)  Organic and Japanese Green Tea blend, Ginger Bits, Cardamom,
 Pineapple, Rose Buds, Bamboo Sprouts - sweet Pineapple Honey Taste
 $ 12.00
 Bangkok  Sweet Thai flavors blended with Green Tea  $ 15.00
 Charlie Chan Cha (O)  Lemon Myrtle, Mixed Spices, Mint & Green Tea  $ 13.00
 Cinnamon Plum  Green & Black Teas with Plum and Cinnamon  $ 13.00
 Fiji  Green Tea with Pineapple and Papaya  $ 12.00
 Passion & Envy  Sencha Leaf with Passion Fruit  $ 12.00
 Really Goethe  Lemon Myrtle, Rose Gunpowder, Jasmine & Laurel Scented China Green Tea  $ 12.00
 Spearment  Pure pungent mint flavor -- wonderful iced  $ 13.00
 Temple of Heaven (O)  Mild Chinese Tea with Pearl of Gun Powder  $ 12.00
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